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Academic Representatives, Librarians, and Collection Policies

Information regarding collection development at the University Library. This includes information about subject librarians, department contacts and our policy on each subject we collect.

Collection Policy for US LATINO/A STUDIES

General Purpose

The US Latino Studies Collection of Parks Library is designed to support study, instruction, and research in the interdisciplinary field of Latino Studies at the higher education level. Latino Studies materials are defined as those materials dealing with the experiences of Mexican Americans (Chicanos), Puerto Ricans (both in the US and the island of Puerto Rico), Cuban Americans, and all other Latino groups living in the United States. Collection emphasis is on the social sciences and the humanities; scholarly and authoritative informational works, appropriate for use at undergraduate, graduate, and research levels, are selected. Popular treatment occasionally may be selected to serve patron needs. Primary clientele of this collection are students and faculty in the Latino Studies Program, students enrolled in classes meeting the University's diversity requirement, and all others interested in US Latino perspectives and contributions. Since patrons represent a wide variety of demands, resources not specifically related to the curriculum are provided. In addition, Latinos now comprise the largest racial / ethnic minority group in the United States as well as the largest such group in the state of Iowa.


Academic Representative

Lucia Mercedes Suarez

Phone: 515 294-0687

Your Librarian

Susan A. Vega García's picture
Susan A. Vega García
Assistant Dean, Inclusion & Equity
Associate Professor
204 Parks Library
Iowa State University
Ames IA 50011
(515) 294-4052
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