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Environmental justice and environmental racism

This is a topic-guide for environmental justice and environmental racism. Inside it you will find brief introductions to the topic, helpful videos, suggested readings, and links to Iowa State University Library resources.

Famous Cases

Parkersburg, West Virginia 

This West Virginia town was home to chemical company giant, DuPont, for several decades. The Parkersburg plant location was involved with the production of perfluorooctanoic acid, also known as C8, a major component in its Teflon line. During the 1980s DuPont purchased farm land to serve as a landfill for it's "non-hazardous" materials that had a creek running through it which fed into the Ohio River. The C8 that was dumped in the landfill made its way into the surrounding water supply and was responsible for extreme rates of six major human diseases that disproportionately affected Parkersburg residents. Several class-action and lawsuits have been filed against DuPont for its role in the water contamination and not reporting information about C8. 

Suggested Resources