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Course Reserves

Learn how to navigate, incorporate, and use Course Reserves in your class for increased course affordability and copyright management.

In Canvas What are "Tags"?

Adding a "tag" to a Course Reserve Item gives instructors and students another way to organize their materials.  Once tagged, items can be filtered to only show ones with a particular tag.  Instructors have 2 types of tags that can be attached to any Course Reserves Item. 

  • Personal Tags (only the person logged in can see the tags).
  • Instructor Tags (these will be visible to all students enrolled in that course)

Both personal and instructor tags can be attached in 2 ways. 

  • Batch tagging multiple items
  • Tagging each item separately

In Canvas Course Home Page Tags

What do the buttons/links do?

Course Home Page

  • (Fig 25) List of all tags connected to course
    • After attaching tags, (above the “Sort By” dropdown) this area will list all the tags available on the course
    • Each tag will have a number next to it showing how many items have each tag.
  • (Fig26)  Show Tag Editor
    • This is the button to select for batch tagging
  • (Fig 27) Tag Column
    • This column will specify tags attached to each item.

There are 2 ways to display items attached to a tag.

  • (Fig 25) each tag will display all items with the tag
  • (Fig 27) each tag will display all items with the tag

In Canvas Batch Tagging

What do the button/links do?

Tagging Editor

  • (Fig28) Tags
    • This is the box to list tags to attach
    • Separate each tag with a comma
  • (Fig 29) Type of tags
    • All users can have personal tags
    • Instructors have a second type to use in the course, visible to all students
  • (Fig 30) Hide Tag Editor
    • Click on this button when done creating tags
  • (Fig31) Batch Edit Column
    • All items on the course list will have a checkbox
    • Checking the box means add tag
  • (Fig 32) Click to Add Tags to All Selected Items
    • Save Button

In Canvas Steps to Batch Tag

Steps to Batch Tag

  • Click on Show Tag Editor
  • Type in all the tags that will be used to identify specific items
    • Use a comma to separate tags if more than one
  • Select either Instructor or Personal
  • Check the box for each item to be tagged
  • Click the “Click to Add Tags to All Selected Items”

In Canvas Single Item Tagging

What do the buttons do?

Single Item Page Detail page

  • (Fig 33) Instructor Tag Box
    • These tags will be visible to students
  • (Fig 34) Private Tags (Personal tags)
    • These tags only visible to person using them
  • (Fig 35) Modify Tags
    • Save button


In Canvas Steps to Single Item Tag

Steps to One Item Tag

  • Click on "Show Details" for the item to tag (left column of course list)
  • Add the tags to be attached in the type of tag desired (personal or instructor)
  • For multiple tags, make sure you use commas between each tag
  • Click Modify

In Canvas Untagging or Editing Item Tags

To "untag" or change a tag an item or batch, each has to be changed 1 at a time.  Follow the steps of 1 item tagging and then delete the tags that are unwanted.