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Course Reserves

Learn how to navigate, incorporate, and use Course Reserves in your class for increased course affordability and copyright management.

In Canvas Before you begin


This is only a guide to help along the way.  

Course Reserves works within Canvas.  Instructors will not be able to use Course Reserves unless the following two steps are completed in Canvas

In Canvas Semester selection to start Course Reserves

Welcome to Course Reserves!

Open the course to work on. The first time the instructor clicks on "Course Reserves" in the left navigation bar, Course Reserves will ask you to select a semester.  This is what makes a connection between Course Reserves and Canvas. This will not appear again when entering the Course Reserves system in the course during the semester.  

In Canvas Course Homepage

What do the buttons do?

Diagram A

  •  (Fig 1) Course Reserve Tools button – dropdown subgroup to navigate to tools used infrequently
    • Main Menu (see Diagram B below)
    • Reserve Item Usage (coming soon)
    • Saved Lists (coming soon)
  • (Fig 2) Add Reserve Items – This page is where all materials for each course is added. (see Requesting Items)
  • (Fig 3) Need Help – This button navigates to this LibGuide for for help and assistance.
  • (Fig 4) Course details – Details include Course Code, semester, instructor(s)
  • (Fig 5) Sorting choices – The course materials can be sorted by title, author, available until and status
  • (Fig 6) Tagging – this is the button used to tag specific items for the instructor and the student  (see Tags
  • (Fig 7) Listing of items for this course, with tags and availability status (see Requesting Items)
  • (Fig 8) Preview Course Reserves Student View or Preview Course Reserves Instructor View – This link is only for instructors.  It gives the ability to preview what students will see for this course and switch back to instructor’s view

In Canvas Main Menu

What do the buttons do?

Diagram B

  • (Fig 9) Course Reserves Tools  - dropdown subgroup
    • Saved Lists (coming soon)
  • (Fig 10) Need Help - This button navigates to this LibGuide for for help and assistance.
  • (Fig 11) Course Reserves list for each course the instructor has used in Course Reserves
    • Previous Semester (5 yrs)
    • Current Semester
    • Upcoming semester, if the following has been done
      • Course shell created
      • Course Reserves enabled

In Canvas Reserve Items

What do the labels mean on the Reserve Items?

What information is included the Reserve Items:

  • (Fig 12) There 3 links in this column
    • Show Details
      • Includes: citation Information, notes, tracking
      • Includes the hard copy call number students will need to check the item out
    • View
      • This link will only show on the electronic documents
      • Includes: articles, chapters, eBooks, Audio, Streaming video and Other if its electronic
    • Edit
      • This link will only show on the instructor’s view not the students
      • At this time, only Course Reserves staff can edit or delete submitted items
  • (Fig 13)  Title column
    • At the top of this column is a search box for title searching
    • If the item is article or chapter the search will check both the piece title and the source title
  •  (Fig 14) Author column
    • At the top of this column is a search box for author searching
  • (Fig 15) Status Column
    • At the top of this column is a search box for status searching
  •  (Fig 16) Tags column (see more about Tags)
    • Tags are attached to items by instructors and/or students
    • Clicking on one tag will show all items with that tag