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Course Reserves

What is Course Reserves?

The ISU Library's Course Reserves service works with instructors to make available required course materials for current classes. Instructors work with Library staff to create course lists of these materials, the majority of which are available full-text or streaming online and can be accessed by students 24/7. This allows students to access online course lists and required materials easily. Users will need to visit the Parks Library Main Desk or Design Reading Room Circulation Desk to access any "hard copy" reserve materials (books, DVDs, etc.).

Hard copy materials are not going away!

Course Reserves still maintains a hard copy collection at the Parks Library Main Desk and the Design Reading Room Circulation Desk.  All requested materials will be listed in the canvas courses, but the hard copy materials listed will supply the call number students need to check those materials out.

Course Reserves

Parks Library
Main Desk

Design Reading Room
Circulation Desk

PDF Accessibility

All PDFs created by Library Course Reserves staff are fully accessible!  Accessible PDF files are tagged and "...provide a hidden structured, textual representation of the PDF content that is presented to screen readers. They exist for accessibility purposes only and have no visible effect on the PDF file." (Definition courtesy of  More information