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Course Reserves

Learn how to navigate, incorporate, and use Course Reserves in your class for increased course affordability and copyright management.

In Canvas What is Importing Item Requests?

"Importing Item Requests" refers to carrying over or adding items used in previous and concurrent courses.

In Canvas Navigate to Page for Requesting Items

In Canvas, the" Add Reserve Items" (top left - yellow and red) button will take the instructor to the starting page of requesting Course Reserves items

In Canvas Importing Items Using the Add Reserve Items Page

What does the information mean?

This panel is located on the "Add Reserves Items" page under the "Requesting new items" icons (see Diagram D)

  • (Fig 17) This column has 2 choices
    • View items – instructor can see the requests used during the course
    • Import Items – when an instructor selects this, a view of the course is shown but also the tools needed to import items
  • (Fig 18) The search boxes at the top are used to find  previous course lists.
    • When the instructor has previously used Course Reserves and have a large number of courses, this function can search faster
  • (Fig 19)  Number Reserve Items
    • There are 2 numbers for each course
      • The top number is items available but all previous course list that were loaded by Course Reserves staff will say “0” (ignore this number)
    • The bottom button is the number that might aid instructors.  This is the number of items used for that particular course.

In Canvas Course Import Page

What do the buttons/links do?

Previous Course Home Page to import Items From

  • (Fig 20) Import course information
    • Left side is the course that is open to import from
    • Right side is the course the selected items are attaching to
  • (Fig 21) Start and Stop date.
    • Default dates
      • Start is day after current semester ends (first day of semester break)
      • Stop is the last day of the semester (Friday of Finals Week)
      • An instructor can change the Start or Stop date within the default dates (materials are not available past the end of semester, without Course Reserves permission)
  • (Fig 22)  Author and Title for each item
  • (Fig 23) Uncheck All/Check All
    • This is in regards to (Fig 24)
  • (Fig 24) Check Boxes
    • Default is all boxes are checked. (a checked box means YES import)
    • Instructor can use the links of (Fig 23)
    • Instructor can check and uncheck specific boxes needed or not needed.

In Canvas Steps to Add Imported Items

Steps to Import Items

  • Select a course to import from and click “Import Items”  (see Diagram E above)
  • Check the boxes for the items needed in the new course.
  • Don’t forget to click the “Import Items” button

Each time an item is submitted, it will go back to the “Course Home Page.” A yellow highlighted message confirming your submission below the “Add Reserve Items”

In Canvas Using Saved Lists to Add items