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Course Reserves

Learn how to navigate, incorporate, and use Course Reserves in your class for increased course affordability and copyright management.

Audio Visual (DVDs/CDs)

This policy developed in consultation with ISU University Legal Services.

The Library attempts to adhere to all federal copyright laws. The following policies are meant to aid all parties in conforming to fair use provisions of the copyright law.

  1. All audio-visual materials placed on reserve will be at the initiative of the instructor, solely for the non-commercial and educational use by students. All hard copy audio-visual materials placed on course reserve are available for in-Library use only.
  2. The ISU Library, through its Course Reserves service, may provide electronic access to audio visual materials via streaming technology. Please see "Video/Audio Streaming Policy" for important information regarding these services.
  3. Instructors may use a variety of audio visual formats for reserve materials. These formats include:
    1. Video / DVD / Blu-Ray
    2. Compact discs
    3. CD-ROM / DVD-ROM
  4. Materials supplied by the instructor for reserve use, must be produced legally. We reserve the right to refuse to make available duplicated materials in violation of U.S. copyright law. Examples of legally produced materials are:
    1. Commercial products (video, DVD, CD, etc) purchased by the instructor or department.
    2. Videotaped lectures of the course instructor or student presentations (currently enrolled).
    3. Legally reproduced materials.
  5. Off-air recordings (performances taped from television, but not cable or pay-per-view) are for one-time use. The program may not be used again in the same or subsequent semester without permission.
  6. The ISU Library does not permit the use of its equipment or materials to produce illegal copies of audio-visual works. Persons observed using library equipment or materials to produce unauthorized copies will be asked to leave. Repeated violation of this policy by an individual will result in the suspension of his/her borrowing privileges.
  7. Instructors should plan on 3-5 days of processing time before the material will be available to students.
  8. Materials will be removed from Course Reserves at the close of the semester of use. If by the end of the fourth week of the next semester, Course Reserves has not received notice of their continued use, materials will be sent back to instructors and/or returned to the stacks.

Audio Visual Playback and Performance

Audio-visual playback and performance

The Library permits group use of audio-visual materials, either within or outside library facilities, only if the following requirements are met:

  1. Instructors may schedule and borrow videos, Blu-Rays and DVDs for preview and classroom use for 3 days. The instructor must be teaching an ISU course for which students are required to register and pay fees. Student groups, clubs, organizations, and societies do not qualify as ISU courses.
  2. An instructor or class member appointed by the instructor must use audio-visual materials for face-to-face teaching activities. (Student led classes must be verified by the instructor.)
  3. All persons present at the performance must be currently enrolled in the course.

Group playback/performances of copyright protected audio-visual materials for non-course related use is not permitted, nor will the Library circulate material for that purpose.