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Course Reserves

Learn how to navigate, incorporate, and use Course Reserves in your class for increased course affordability and copyright management.

In Canvas Favorites


What are Favorites?

In all Canvas courses with Course Reserves, students can mark items as “Favorites.”  Once marked, students can go to any of the courses and select the Favorites button.  Items from all courses marked as favorites are listed. This provides students with a quicker way to find reserve materials they use frequently.


Diagram O  - Course Home Page Reserve Items 

  • Fig. 56  - Check box to add or remove items from Favorites list
  • Fig. 57 – Select Add or Remove from Favorites
    • If one of these buttons is not selected the checked boxes will not be modified



Diagram P – Favorites list

  • Fig. 58 – Check box to remove items from Favorites
  • Fig. 59 – Course the favorite item is listed on.
  • Fig. 60 – Select Remove Items button to modify the list.


In Canvas Tagging

What are tags?

Adding a "tag" to a Course Reserve Item is another way to organize course materials.  Once tagged, items can be filtered to only show ones with a particular tag.  There are 2 types of tags that can be attached to any Course Reserves Item. 

  • Personal Tags (only the person logged in can see the tags).
    • Student personal tags and instructor personal tags are created, removed and used the same way
  • Instructor Tags (these will be visible to all students enrolled in that course)
    • Students cannot delete instructor tags

Both personal and instructor tags can be attached in 2 ways. 

  • Batch tagging multiple items
  • Tagging each item separately

For directions on how to attach personal tags, see: Tags (listed under Instructor Navigating Course Reserves)