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Examples and tutorials for documenting and improving scholarly visibility and impact.



ORCiD: Distinguish Yourself

An ORCID® identifier (iD) is a persistent personal ID. Using your ORCID iD is more accurate and secure than a name: many people can have the same name but each ORCID iD is unique. An ORCID iD provides an easy way to distinguish yourself from other people with similar names guaranteeing that you will get credit for your work. For more about ORCID, visit our website

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Things to know about ORCID iDs

  • Registering for an ORCID iD is free.
  • You can choose which parts of your profile are public. (A public profile is much more useful!) 
  • You can link DOI's and grant numbers to your ORCID iD.
  • Currently working for Iowa State? Select Iowa State University as your institution in the "Employment" section. 

Connect other identifiers 

Unlike other closed systems, for-profit researcher profiles, ORCID works well with a variety of systems. Connect your ORCID iD with: 

Research Inventory

A good first step while setting up your ORCID iD is to make an inventory of all of your research outputs. This inventory should include:

  • Publications
  • Grants
  • Data sets
  • Presentations and speeches
  • Conferences 
  • Inventions
  • Research techniques/standards/protocols
  • Etc.

Next, you need to track down where your work is located online. Below are some examples.

  • For publications: if your work has been assigned a DOI then use that, otherwise you may need to track down the publisher's webpage or an open access copy hosted in a repository. 
  • For grants: locate the FundRef number of your grant if you don't already know it (you can search by publication).
  • For datasets: locate the DOI (or other persistent identifier) .

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