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Documenting Impact & Increasing Visibility

Examples and tutorials for documenting and improving scholarly visibility and impact.

Google Scholar and Google Books

Google Scholar includes content from Google Google Scholar is your single best source for gathering information on number of times a book (or book chapter) has been cited. Be sure to not only look for times a book chapter has been cited, but also the book itself if it is a compilation by multiple authors. Try it using the search box right here!

Google Scholar Search

Book Reviews

Scholarly book reviews in academic journals are an often overlooked source of evaluative information about a book.

Other Formats

Images - views, favs, and comments on Flikr.

Videos - views, likes and comments on YouTube or other platforms

Patents - check to see who has cited a specific patent.

In addition, content loaded in Institutional Repositories will have download statistics for a wide range of outputs such as videos, presentations, posters, in-house reports, extension publications, curriculum materials, exhibits, tutorials, etc.

Additional Possibilities