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Data Management Plan (DMP) Guide

Learn how to write a data management plan!


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Recommended Reading

Briney, Kristin (2015) Data management for researchers: organize, maintain and share your data for research success.

Read the ISU Library's ebook or borrow the hardcopy.



Gardener, Mark. (2015). Managing Data Using Excel: organizing, summarizing and visualizing scientific data.

Read the ISU Library's ebook or borrow the hardcopy.

About this guide

This guide was developed as a resource to introduce scholars and researchers of all experience levels to the basic concepts of data management and to serve as a tool to help researchers write data management plans that accompany grant proposals.

ISU Librarian Megan O'Donnell authored most of the content on this guide and is responsible for periodically updating the content. If you have a question, suggestion, or would like to report an error, please use our feedback form.

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