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Data Management Plan (DMP) Guide

Learn how to write a data management plan!

Iowa DOT DMP requirements stack with the Federal requirements and are largely the same except for a few key differences which are outlined below. 

  • The Iowa DOT DMP consists of two sections:
    • The Data Management Documentation Table
    • The Narrative (6 parts)
  • The DMP should not exceed 3 pages, including the table.
  • Data archives used for data preservation and sharing must have persistent identifiers and conform to federal data repository requirements (See the US DOT - Data Sharing tab for more information). 

Make sure to use the template provided by the Iowa DOT to write your data management plan and address the questions asked in the guidance document. 

U.S. Dept. of Transportation DMP


The DMP will:

  • Summarize the data that is expected to be produced during the project (nature, scope, scale, etc.)
  • Describe the standards to be used for data and metadata format and content
  • Provide a plan for the preservation of final data and other research products
  • Provide policies/licenses for access, reuse, redistribution, derivatives, etc. while providing appropriate privacy, confidentiality, and IP protection.
See the NTL's Creating Data Management Plans page for more details.

Make sure to:

  • Use platform-independent and non-proprietary formats (this is a best practice to maximize data reuse).
  • Deposit data in a repository that meets the DOT's minimum requirements (see the US DOT Data Sharing tab for more information).
  • Have all authors/project contributors register for an ORCiD. (see the University Library's page on ORCiD)

Shared data should:

  • Be in a machine-readable format whenever possible.
  • Meet minimum quality standards (not defined - use best practices).
  • Be accompanied by a license that encourages both access and reuse.
    • DOT strongly recommends depositing data under a Creative Commons CC-BY Attribution or an equivalent license.
  • Be evaluated to prevent the disclosure of personally identifiable information, proprietary interests, confidentiality, or intellectual property rights.
  • Be deposited in a data repository that is conformant with the DOT Public Access Plan.

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