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Data Management Plan (DMP) Guide

Learn how to write a data management plan!

Data Sharing

Data sharing is expected by both federal funders and an increasing number of journals. Requirements vary widely but there are some universal best practices to use as a starting point.

Data Sharing Best Practices

  1. Share as much data as possible. 
  2. Provide comprehensive documentation and metadata.
  3. Share data in simple, nonproprietary formats.
  4. Share data in its rawest state.
  5. Share data in a controlled and monitored environment (i.e. a data repository). 

Data papers

Data papers are a new type of scholarly publication that provide a citable manuscript and data documentation in one package. The page on data papers provides an overview of topic and a selective list of journals that publish these manuscripts. 

Data repositories 

Data repositories are the best choice for research data sharing, distribution, and preservation.

The Data Repository page provides a basic overview of the topic, links to some of the largest and well known data repositories, and resources for locating data repositories. 

FAQ: What is a "data repository"?

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