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Data Management Plan (DMP) Guide

Learn how to write a data management plan!

Office of Science DMPs

The Office of Science is the main funding arm of the Department of Energy. If you are applying to a grant from another branch make sure to check the data management plan requirements - they should be included in the solicitation. 

Below is a summary of some of the notable aspects of the Office of Science data management policies.

  • Focus is on the sharing and preservation of research data that will enable the validation of results.
  • Research data displayed in publications (including the data that underlay chats, figures, images, etc.) need to be open, machine-readable, and digitally accessible at the time of publication (no embargo period).
  • Costs associated with the DMP may be included in the research budget.
  • Data should be cited when possible in publications and assigned persistent identifiers, such as a DOI, to enable data citation.
    • DOE can provide DOIs for DOE-funded research.
  • DMPs are reviewed as part of the proposal merit process.

Adv. Sci. Computing Research

  • Software is considered data.
  • If applicable, name the Open Source License that software will be released under.
  • Source code and executables should be released, not just the executables. 
  • Name the formats of executable files (if they are to be shared).
  • Data must be accompanied by sufficient documentation to validate research findings (i.e. must be understood and useable by others).
  • See link for additional guidance.

Basic Energy Sciences

  • No additional requirements or guidance.
  • 2 FAQs provided, see link for additional guidance.

Biological and Environ. Research

The subprograms have very different requirements - read them carefully.

Climate and Environmental Sciences Division

  • Climate research data should be archived and accessible by others, preferably in a repository.
  • Researchers are strongly encouraged to make all data public after finishing their research and publications.

Genomic Sciences Research

  • All publishable data, metadata and software is expected to meet "community standards."
  • Data that is consistent with the models in KBase should be deposited there.
  • Research using shared data should be properly cited.

Fusion Energy Science

  • No additional requirements.
  • Guidance encourages code developed by FES funding to be shared under Open Source Licenses.
  • See link for additional guidance.

High Energy Physics DMPs

  • No additional requirements.
  • See link for additional guidance.

Nuclear Physics DMPs

  • No additional requirements.
  • See link for additional guidance. 


  • All SBIR and STTR grants must select one of two options for their DMP: no data sharing or data sharing.
    • If no DMP is submitted option 1, no sharing is assumed. 
    • If data is to be released, option 2, then a DMP must be submitted outlying which data will be disclosed, how it will be managed, etc. 

DOE Data ID Service 

Get a DOI (digital object identifier) for your DOE sponsored research data. The service is free for DOE researchers and research. 

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