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DataShare: ISU's Open Research Data Repository

Iowa State University’s DataShare is an open access repository for sharing and publishing research data created by Iowa State University scholars and researchers.

The Submission Form

All materials uploaded to DataShare require a completed submission form. You may upload a single file or multiple files per submission form. The information you enter into the fields in the submission form create a metadata record describing your data. This metadata is what is makes your data discoverable as it's harvested and shared with search engines.

Click the text in the red boxes below to learn more about each section of the submission form.

Submission Form Fields

Provide a descriptive title that will help users understand the content and scope of your dataset. when applicable include subjects, locations, methodology, and/or time periods.

You will need to press the Enter (Return) key after each entry.

Authors with DataShare (ISU) or (personal) accounts can be added by name or by email. Author names with accounts are displayed in teal. Authors without accounts can also be added and will be displayed in grey. We recommend adding authors and co-authors by email.

Select all that apply. The category list is based of off FOR (Fields of Research) codes which is an Australian standard. For this reason some areas of study may not be well represented or may go by a different name than what is used at ISU. If this is the case for your research then please choose categories that best fit your data and research and add additional categories as Keywords.

If you need help with this step please contact the library.

Item type will be automatically chosen based on file type. You may change the item type if needed.

Please note: Papers, Preprints, and Presentations should be shared on Digital Repository at Iowa State University and not on DataShare. Submissions containing these items will be rejected.

Keywords are terms that will help users search, locate, and identify your data. Good keywords may cover: subjects of research, fields of research not covered in the Categories field, the type of research, research methodologies, and even file formats.

Press the Enter (Return) key after each entry.

Valid keywords will be enclosed in a teal shape when added correctly.

The Description field is an open-text field for authors to add detailed information that will aid in interpretation, comprehension, and reuse of their research data. This field should not be used as a replacement for a "readme" file, instead it should be viewed as an abstract for the data.

Descriptions may include:

  • Research methodologies
  • Scope and subjects
  • Reuse preferences
  • Attribution information
  • Permissions and affiliations (if applicable)

References are links to relevant external content, such as publications, that describe, or are related to, the research data. You may add multiple References by pressing Enter (Return).

Add a grant number, funding statement, or other award information here. Try searching by award number (just numbers, no letters) to link your data to the award or enter in the contract or award name as needed.

Before your data is published and made public you must choose a License. Licenses govern what others may legally do with the shared materials. A license will be recommend as part of the Data Set Disclosure Form (DSDF) approval. Data may be published on DataShare under the following licenses:

Embargoes prevent others from accessing uploaded materials and/or the description of the materials for a set period of time. There are two different types of embargoes available:

  • File(s) only: if this option is chosen then the record for your data will be made public but access to the files will be locked until the embargo expires.
  • Whole item: if this option is chosen then neither the record or the files will be made public until after the embargo expires.

If you choose to apply an embargo you must provide an adequate reason for needing an embargo. If your reason is insufficient a reviewer will contact you for more information.

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The submission form is where files are uploaded and the data is described.

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