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DataShare: ISU's Open Research Data Repository

Iowa State University’s DataShare is an open access repository for sharing and publishing research data created by Iowa State University scholars and researchers.

Submit a Request to use DataShare

Before data can be submitted to DataShare ISU researchers, staff, and students must complete a Data Set Disclosure Form (DSDF) and receive approval to share data in DataShare. 

Submitting this form starts the data disclosure process. You may be asked to provide more details so please watch your email for updates. If you need help or have a question about why you are being asked to provide this information please email

The DSDF is reviewed by various offices on campus including:

Once your DSDF has been approved you will be contacted by Library staff. Please be aware that this step normally take multiple business days to complete.

DataShare Workflow

a diagram illustrating the 5 steps process to publishing on DataShare.

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Using DataShare is a five-step process

1. Submit a Data Set Disclosure

Submitting a data disclosure alerts the university library and partner offices that you would like to share data on DataShare. Make sure to have information about your co-authors and funders ready! 

2. Disclosure Review

During this step applicable university offices will review your request. The review may take between 2-14 days to complete depending on staff availability and the complexity of the data sharing request. Greater than 95% of the data sharing requests are approved or approved with minor modifications.

3. File Review (aka Curation Review)

This step focuses on the files in the data set. During this step you'll be entered into the DataShare ticket system and our staff will set up a space for you to deposit your files for review. The review focuses on making sure the files are organized, documented, and stable. 
NOTE: descriptive documentation is required for all data published on DataShare. Our staff can offer assistance and templates to help you meet this requirement. This step and next step, revisions, are iterative until complete.  

4. Revisions

File updates are made after the DataShare staff contact you with suggestions and issues. We ask that you make the changes yourself when possible and the majority of the issues are easy fixes such as typo corrections, file format changes, the creation or update of a readme file, etc. This and the prior step, file review, are iterative until complete. 

5. Published

Once the data files are finalized they will uploaded to DataShare and published. Once published your data set will have an active DOI and be fully citable and discoverable. Multiple publication options are available: you can make the data open access right away or publish it under an embargo (with an expiration date), and more. Ask our staff for details. 

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