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DataShare: ISU's Open Research Data Repository

Iowa State University’s DataShare is an open access repository for sharing and publishing research data created by Iowa State University scholars and researchers.

Linking ORCiD

What it does

Linking ORCID to DataShare and DataCite will auto-update your ORCiD profile with any items published on DataShare.

How to do it

Link DataShare to ORCiD.

  1. After signing into DataShare, use the user menu to go to your Profile page. 
  2. Click the ORCiD CONNECT link.
  3. Authorize the connection.

Authorize DataCite on ORCiD

After logging in to your ORCiD account:

1. Scroll down to the Works section and click +Add works
2. Select Search & link, you’ll be presented with the services you can link to
3. Select DataCite

Next, you will be presented with a permissions form. Upon reviewing the Privacy Policy, tick the box alongside 'Allow this permission until I revoke it' and select Authorize. 

You will then be taken to your DataCite settings page. To check the authorization has worked successfully head back to ORCiD and to your Account Settings tab. ORCiD should now be listed as a Trusted organization.

Why do I need to authorize two different things?

ORCiD identifies authors but DataCite is responsible for maintaining the dataset's record information. This is a vital part of how DOIs work and it lets DOIs remain stable even if DataShare's server changes.

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