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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Guide

Searching for Books

Quick Search records include a brief description and location information for books, journals, and other items owned by the Library. You will also find records for individual articles. We recommend you choose an article index to search for journal articles, rather than using Quick Search.

Search Tips

  1. You may use Boolean operators AND, OR or NOT to link or exclude concepts. Note: AND, OR and NOT must be capitalized!
  2. If you are searching for books, use Tweak my results on the right of your search results page and choose Books under Format Type.  Alternatively, use Quick Search's Advanced Search and choose Books under the Material Type drop-down menu.   (Remember you will need to get the call number of your book to find it in the Library.)  
  3. To find ebooks, follow tip 2 above and then use Tweak my results to select Full Text Online under Availability. Use your ebook's Online access link to open and read the book!


Finding Books

ISU Library Quick Search - Books Only

Most business books are located on the 3rd floor of Parks Library with the call numbers HA - HJ. You can search for them in the Library's Quick Search box.

Quick Search will provide limited access to journal articles, but you will find more relevant results looking in the business databases listed in the "Finding Articles" tab.

Parks Library has open stacks, meaning that you retrieve your own books. Maps for the Library can be found here.

Business Call Numbers

Library of Congress Classifications
for Business and Economics
Floor 2, Parks Library

HB Economic Theory, Demography
HB 77 - 87 History of Economic Theory by Period
HB 90 - 99 Economic Theory by School: Physiocrats, Manchester School, Neoclassical, Keynesians, etc.
HB 101 - 130 Economic Theory by Region or Country
HB 131 - 147 Methodology and Econometrics
HB 201 - 846 Economic Theory by Topic
HB 615 Entrepreneurship
HB 848 - 3697 Demography

HB 3711 - 3840


Business Cycles


HC Economic History and Conditions
HC 27 Communication of Information
HC 31 - 59 Economic History by Period
HC 85 Natural Resources

HC 94 - 1085


Economic History by Region or Country


HD Economics
HD 30.28 Strategic planning
HD 31 Organizational management
HD 47.3 Industrial management
HD 57.7 Leadership
HD 58.7 Organizational behaviour
HD 58.8 Organizational change
HD 66 Teams in the workplace - Team leadership
HD 6958.5-6976 Industrial relations - Employment relations

HD 9980.5

Service industries - Marketing

Floor 2, Parks Library

HE Transportation and Communications
HE 305-311 Urban transportation
HE 331-380 Traffic engineering. Roads and highways
HE 1001-5600 Railroads. Rapid transit systems
HE 7601-8700.9 Telecommunication industry
HE 8701-9680.7 Telephone industry
HE 9713-9715 Cellular and wireless telephone

HE 9761-9900


Air transportation


HF Commerce
HF 1416 Export marketing
HF 5410-5417 Marketing
HF 5415.13 Marketing - Management
HF 5415.32 Consumer behaviour
HF 5415.55 Relationship marketing
HF 5429 Retail trade - Management
HF 5549 Personnel management - Human resource
HF 5549.5 Manpower planning - Career managment
HF 5801-6182 Accounting



Business communication


HG Finance
HG 179 Personal finance
HG 201-2496 Money
HG 1501-3550 Banking
HG 3691-3769 Credit. Debt. Loans
HG 3810-4000 International finance. Foreign exchange
HG 4001-4285 Finance management. Corporate finance
HG 4501-6051 Investment

HG 8011-9999




HJ Public Finance
HJ 2005-2216 Income and expenditure. Budget
HJ 2240-5908 Revenue. Taxation. Internal Revenue
HJ 7461-7980 Expenditures. Government spending
HJ 8001-8899 Public Debts
HJ 9103-9695 Local finance. Municipal finance
HJ 9701-9940 Public Accounting. Auditing