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Iowa Crop Variety Test Publications Guide

This guide provides direct links and pointers for locating variety trials (or performance tests) for specific field crops in Iowa, both past and present. It also provides locations and call numbers for the ISU Library.

Specialty Soybean Yield Tests

1993 was the first year of the Iowa Specialty Soybean Test Report.  It was issued in the AG series as AG 141-3.  Call number: S451 I8 A4x (Special Collections)

1994 & 1995 were called Iowa Gold Specialty Soybean Test Report and issued as AG 141-4 and AG 141-5.

All 3 of these specialty reports were also issued as inserts in the Feb. 1994, 1995, and 1996 issues of Iowa Soybean Review.  Call number:  SB205 S7 I56x (Parks Library General Collection).

These specialty soybean tests appear to have been folded into the regular Soybean Yield Test Reports in later years; however some specialty soybean test results for 2000-2004 are available online as part of Iowa State Research Farm Progress Reports in the Digital Repository @ ISU.

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