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Data Management Planning Guide

The who, what, where, and how of data management at Iowa State University.

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Welcome to the Library Guide to Research Data Management Planning

This guide will be updated over the summer to reflect recent changes made by federal funders.
While the recommendations and guidance offered here is still good, make sure you consult the most up to-date documentation on the Agency Requirements Directory.

If you would like help please use the contact information found on the right.

This guide is intended as a resource to help you develop an appropriate data management plan for your project. The following pages cover:

  • Getting Started -  Reviews why data management with a quick introduction.
  • Best Practices - Provides some basic data management best practices and links to more in depth documents.
  • Data Management Checklists - Helps you work through different aspects of data management specific to your project.
  • ISU Resources - Options available for ISU researchers and scholars related to data management.
  • Data and Text Repositories - Resources for data deposit and location.
  • FAQS -  Frequently asked questions pertaining to data management.

Watch a recording of the data management brown-bag!

Given on March 12, 2014 by Bonnie Bowen (EEOB) and Megan O'Donnell (University Library) 


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This guide is is the result of a collaboration between the Iowa State University LibrarySP@ISU, and the Office of the Vice President for Research at Iowa State University

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