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Shameless Self-Promotion Workshop Guide

This guide accompanies the workshop, "Shameless Self-Promotion." The workshop (and this guide!) provide information about how you can maximize your online presence to boost your academic portfolio and network with peers to advance your career.

What can you share?

An important part of promoting yourself online means showing your work. Traditionally this is done through academic publications (papers, books, thesis and dissertations, etc.) but you can share more than that, and should because it showcases different skills.

Manuscripts and Publications

Sharing pre-prints and manuscripts openly can enhance the visibility of your research & scholarship by making it available to a wider set of individuals. For pre-prints (a version of a paper that precedes its publication and formal peer review), sharing can help you get feedback prior to publication, strengthening your argument and forming an audience of peers eager to contribute to your work. 

Similarly, publishing your articles and monographs openly from the start can enhance the reach of your work by opening it up to a wider audience of your peers rather than restricting it to those whose academic institutions can afford a wide set of subscriptions.

Iowa State University scholars and researchers can use the ISU Digital Repository to share their research and scholarship for free! 

decorative image of a video presentation Presentations

Demonstrate that you know how to communicate effectively to an audience. Presentations may be shared as slides only or as audio/video recording with slides. Presentations may include content delivered at professional conferences, invited speeches, workshops for colleagues, and more. Some types may be more formal than others, but if the content is relevant to your area of study or is something that features your professional skillsets, it may be worth sharing. 

Iowa State University scholars and researchers can use the ISU Digital Repository to share their presentations and slides (it's free!)

Datasets, Code, and Softwaredecorative image of data on a monitor

Sharing these materials can show a potential employer that you know how to optimize, organize, and document your work. Sharing your work is also a requirement for reproducible research which some employers value.

Iowa State University scholars and researchers can use DataShare to share and publish data sets (also free!)!

decorative image of online teaching Teaching Materials

Sharing your teaching materials (presentation slides, lecture notes, and more!) can help in many ways:

  1. It showcases your expertise in your discipline.
  2. It supports instructors who are teaching a course like yours for the first time.
  3. It expands the amount of OER (open educational resources) available in your discipline.

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