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Shameless Self-Promotion Workshop Guide

This guide accompanies the workshop, "Shameless Self-Promotion." The workshop (and this guide!) provide information about how you can maximize your online presence to boost your academic portfolio and network with peers to advance your career.

linkedin logoLinkedIn

LinkedIn is part online CV and part social network. Unlike the other networking tools covered today LinkedIn is very much about professional networking for the purpose of advancing your career and landing a job. For this reason your profile is very customizable and allows you to add and remove different sections as you wish.

Cool Features

  • Very targeted toward job hunting so the CV section is highly customizable and does not emphasize publications. 
  • The ability to track and view who's viewed your profile and the ability to browse profiles in "private mode." 
  • The ability to toggle whether or not you are seeking job opportunities.

Not Cool Features

  • You now must have an account to use Linked In, including viewing profiles (here's Megan's profile as an example)
  • Free accounts have annoying limitations
  • Lots of promotional emails by default and dark pattern obscured settings.
  • LOTS of personal data collection and advertisements. You can opt out of most of it if you take the time to figure out how to do it. 

How to Improve your LinkedIn Profile

What you need to know about Professional Social Networking

From a presentation by Karen Lawton-Dunn, Graduate College Career Services. Karen is very knowledgeable and active on LinkedIn and recommend contacting her for more pro tips! 

More information from Karen about LinkedIn and career services, is available on the Graduate College Career Services page.

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