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Shameless Self-Promotion Workshop Guide

This guide accompanies the Shameless Self-Promotion workshop.

Get yourself out there

Hello, graduate students! We created this guide to help you promote yourself and your work. Regardless of the type of career you are building, knowing how to get you and your work "out there" is a valuable skill.

This workshop will cover:

  • Open Access - a movement that emphasizes public access to information.
  • ORCID - a directory that helps other tools and people identify you and your work.
  • Online Networking - learn the difference between Research Gate and as well as the basics of Twitter.

What can you share?

Part of promoting yourself online means showing your work. Traditionally this is done through academic publications (papers, books, thesis and dissertations, etc.) but chances are you have much more that you can share. Here are some ideas:

Presentations   Videos
Datasets Software and code
Teaching materials Profiles and more...

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Workshop Info


Megan O'Donnell, University Library

Abbey Elder, University Library

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