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JL MC 201 & JL MC 302

JL MC 201 (Reporting and Writing for the Mass Media) & JL MC 302 (Intermediate Reporting and Writing for the Mass Media)

Issue Research

There are a number of different starting points for issue research. Is it a local isssue? If so you want to begin with local resources such as your community newspaper, state legislature, or local organizations. From there depending upon your goal you might want to broaden your research.

Parks library provides online access to a wide range of encyclopedias and sources through the Gale Virtual Reference Library. Below is a small sample of encyclopedias available on this site. Encyclopedias are a good source for basic, beginning background information.

  • Encyclopedia of Aging
  • Encyclopedia of Bioethics
  • Encyclopedia of Crime and Justice
  • Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol & Addiction
  • Encyclopedia of Genocide & Crimes Against Humanity
  • Encyclopedia of Health & Behavior
  • Encyclopedia of Islam & the Muslim World
  • Encyclopedia of Public Health
  • Encyclopedia of Science, Technology, & Ethics

In addition, don't forget about print resources, simply search the library catalog to find out what is available in Parks Library:

Finally, if your issue involves a court case or recent legislation go to HeinOline:

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