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Conference Proceedings: A How-To-Find Guide

Techniques for locating conference papers and journal articles that were based on conference presentations.

ASM International

ASM International was formerly called the American Society for Metals and is frequently confused with the Institute of Metals Division of the American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical, and Petroleum Engineers (AIME), but these are two different organizations.

Relevant titles & series


1920-1933 called Transactions of the American Society for Steel Treating

1934-1969 called Transactions of the American Society for Metals

Metallurgical Transactions

In 1970, the Transactions merged with Transactions of the Institute of Metals Division of AIME to form Metallurgical Transactions.

In 1975, Metallurgical Transactions split into two parts, A (Physical Metallurgy and Materials Science) and B (Process Metallurgy and Materials Processing Science). In 1994, the title was changed to Metallurgical and Materials Transactions, still in parts A and B. A third part, E (Materials for Energy Systems), was added from 2014 to 2017.

Resources for finding ASM proceedings

ISU Library

The ISU Library has copies of many of the proceedings in the Transactions... and Metallurgical Transactions series. Use the links above to specific publication records, or try searching for the publication title in Quick Search to verify whether we have what you need. We have electronic access to some titles, but much of our collection is in print.


ASM International has partnered with Springer to make a portion of their proceedings (from 1975) available online. The ISU Library does not provide access to all of these volumes electronically, but the tables of contents are viewable. This can be useful for finding or verifying citation information from more recent papers published in these titles.

When all else fails...

ASM proceedings published prior to the 1970s are difficult to find using modern indexes. If you need help verifying or tracking down a paper from this time period, contact a librarian.

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