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Megan O'Donnell

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Data Services, NREM, ENTO, Plant Path, and Environment Librarian
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Megan O'Donnell
she / her
150 Parks Library
Hello! I am the University Library's Data Services Librarian and I also cover the topics of entomology, wildlife, fisheries, forestry, plant pathology, the environment and related topics.
My preference is to hold meetings online using Zoom. If you would like to schedule an appointment with me outside of the listed times, please contact me.

As a librarian I'm trained in information theory and management which is a skill set that makes me an expert in searching, obtaining, evaluating, and organizing information (including data). You can access my expertise by sending an email or by making an appointment.
Tasks I commonly assist with include:
* Help locating hard to find information.
* Jump-starting literature searches.
* Search strategies for projects and literature reviews.
* Data management, data sharing, and open science best practices.
* Demonstrating impact for tenure and promotion.
* Purchase requests.

If you're not sure which librarian to contact you can start with me. I look forward to working with you.

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