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BIOL 307 / W S 307: Women in science and engineering

the library guide for students enrolled in BIOL307 / WS307

Women in science and engineering

This webpage was built to assist students enrolled in ISU's Women in Science and Engineering course. If you have any questions about your assignments you should contact the course instructor. If you are having trouble locating information on your topic you can contact your librarians!

Librarian: Megan O'Donnell

In-Class Activity

Get a copy of the online worksheet

Open the the worksheet (Google Doc) and make a copy by:

  • Log into your Google Account (personal or ISU netID). Then Click File, then click Make a copy.
  • Click File then click  "Download as..." and download as a Word file you can edit on the lab computers.
    If you use this method make sure to save your work and email a copy to yourself at the end of class today.

Explore the topic

The boxes below contain online resources dedicated to women in STEM. You can use them to get ideas for your research paper or biography assignments. 

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