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BIOL 307 / W S 307: Women in science and engineering

the library guide for students enrolled in BIOL307 / WS307

Find Books with Quick Search

Quick Search will find both ebooks and books available through the University Library.

ISU Library Quick Search - Books Only

Searches using the box above are filtered to show only books but there are more filters you can apply to narrow down your results on the right side of the page.


Searching for biographies

Use Topics and Advanced Search to improve results

  • Use the Topic filters on the right side of the search page to narrow or expand your results; pay attention to the number in parenthesis, it indicates how many results match the topic. 
  • Advanced Search can be toggled using the button near the search bar. Most of the options for Advanced Search are also available as filters, but not all of them. 

Highlighted Library Books

The ISU Library has a large number of books on the topic of women in STEM. The books below are a small selection we've pulled out to get you started, shown in no particular order.

Why can't I find a book about ___? 

Megan and another librarian (Erin Thomas) have been working on projects that examine why books and other materials about STEM practitioners who are not cis straight white men are difficult to locate. If you're interested in this topic check out the websites they built to help students, educators, and librarians locate these materials. 

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