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Escape from Spreadsheet Hell

The website for the workshop! TL;DR we’ll teach you how to create spreadsheets optimized for reuse by you and others. Your future self will thank you.


flames to escape from spreadsheet hell flames

This guide is a companion to a workshop with the same name. Both are dedicated to teaching best practices related to spreadsheet usage. As a format, spreadsheets are ubiquitous but not all spreadsheets are useful or useable. We'd like to change that.

About the name:

As originally pitched "spreadsheet hell" was described as a mindset or situation born of frustration with poorly formatted and organized spreadsheets. We've all been there: hours, days, even months have been spent working with spreadsheets trying to understand, correct, and use the data within them.

Escape Coordinators

Megan O'Donnell
Data Services Librarian
ENT, EEOB, NREM, and Environment.

Kris Stacy-Bates
Science and Technology Librarian
ABE, CCEE, Math, and Stats

Katie Wampole
Research Data Curator