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How To Be An Antiracist: Book Discussion Series

Library staff professional development DEI book discussion


Discussion Questions
Chapters 17-18

Discussion Questions

Unit 5: Chapters 17 & 18: Success; Survival, and Book Wrap-Up

1. In Chapter 17, Kendi introduces the framework by Toure and Hamilton of overt racism and covert racism. Explain how these two are differentiated. Why are they both important, and why do you think Kendi focuses more on covert racism in both Chapters 17 and 18?

2. We have now read the entire book. What were your own biggest take-aways from the book, and why?

3.  We reflected in an earlier unit about moving from knowledge to action, meaning knowledge of racism in its many forms, and taking antiracist action to interrupt or dismantle it. As you reflect on antiracism and what you learned from this book, do you feel moved to take action? Why or why not? If not, what support do you need to be able to take action? What concrete steps can you take to work with others within your organization to identify the antiracism needs of your organization and/or community?