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How To Be An Antiracist: Book Discussion Series

Library staff professional development DEI book discussion

"I'm not Black enough." Todrick Hall

"I'm not Black enough." Well-known singer-actor-choreographer-YouTuber-director Todrick Hall confronts online personal attacks against him regarding blackness, colorism, supposed contact lenses and color preference, and more. Includes closed captions, with some slight errors.

The Politics of Skin Tone

Eight Black women discuss colorism and the politics of skin color; from The Guardian. Includes closed captions, with some slight errors.

Marching 100 of FAMU


Great performance by the Marching 100, from 2009 Halftime show at Miami Hurricanes vs FAMU game. No closed captions; announcer's voice is occasionally audible but is mostly unintelligible; midway through, band performs a short medley of Michael Jackson songs, and more.


Syllabus - Chapter 9: Color

Selected Books for Further Reading

Selected Articles cited in the Chapter