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E-Books at Iowa State University

This guide provides an overview of the library's e-book providers.


Welcome to the ISU Library's guide to e-books!

The ISU Library provides access to e-books in all disciplines, from many different publishers and platforms. If you are interested in learning about the e-books available for your discipline, click on the tabs on the right. If you have any questions about e-books (e.g. access, availability, printing, etc.), contact your subject librarian for more information.

If you are teaching and want to assign currently available e-books for your students, check with your subject librarian to ensure access for the entire class and term.  Some e-books have limits on how many readers can use them at a time.  Others are part of large sets where individual books may move into or out of the set according to changes in agreements with the original publishers.  Make sure your e-book won't suddenly be unavailable in the middle of the semester!

Off-Campus Access

Access to ISU Library subscription resources requires logging in with your ISU Net-ID and password. To make the research process easier, we recommend you start by logging into Okta, it will remember you as a valid ISU user until you close your Internet browser.

NOTE: Your Net-ID is the portion of your ISU email address that appears before the @ symbol, as in:

ISU Distance Education students & instructors, please see our Distance Learning guide for more specifics about off-campus services and troubleshooting tips for access problems.

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