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Women's and Gender Studies Research Guide

Selected indexes, e-journals & websites in women's and gender studies; in-depth resources

Citing Sources

There are a number of citation styles that are used in Women's & Gender Studies. Be sure to ask your professor which style might be preferred for your assignments and writing projects.

Bibliography Management tools - What are they?

Bibliography Management software organizes the citations that you collect while you are doing literature searches. Many have cloud-based storage and offer capabilities for reformatting your citations into the style of your choice. Some can connect to your stored citations while you are actually writing your paper, allowing you to pull citations into your paper as needed, and automatically reformat them to the citation style you need. Here's brief information on three software programs that the ISU Library supports.

Which one?

There is no single bibliography management software that is objectively "better" than another. You will need to choose what makes sense for you. If you are collaborating with others, it will be good to use the same system.

The Library supports EndNote Basic (formerly called EndNote Web), Mendeley, and Zotero.  We teach workshops on these tools during most Fall and Spring semesters.  We also have online guides to help you get started with EndNoteMendeley and Zotero.

Regardless of what you choose, don't expect the software to be perfect. You will almost certainly need to clean up some citations or do tweaking at some point. 

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