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EndNote & EndNote Web

Getting started with EndNote and EndNote Web

Renewing Roaming Access from Off-Campus

Many of the features we have available through the EndNote Web system are due to our subscription to the Web of Science family of article databases (which is owned by the same company as EndNote). These features are provided for one year following your last login to EndNote from the campus network.

However, in these times we have more and more people who are not able to login from the campus network at all and so you might see your favorite citation style drop off of your list of options. If your roaming status has expired, please go through the following steps.

First, navigate to the Web of Science site through the library so that you go through the library's user authentication process. Once you arrive at Web of Science, you should see an option to "Sign In" in the top right corner. Because the two sites are owned by the same company, your EndNote Web username (email address) and password should work here as well.

Once you're signed in and your name appears in the top right corner, you will need to click on the EndNote link in the "Products" menu above your name. Navigating to EndNote on your own or refreshing a tab you already have open will not work. Only clicking the link from here to get to EndNote will register as activity that will renew your Roaming countdown.


EndNote and EndNote Web* are robust bibliographic management software tools designed to help you collect, organize, and use necessary citations for your writing and research projects. Both of these tools can be integrated with Microsoft Word so that while you are writing within Word, you can easily connect to EndNote or EndNote Web / Basic and retrieve necessary citations you've collected and stored there.

  • Getting EndNote: ISU faculty and students can purchase EndNote desktop software from the University Bookstore at a discounted rate. (You could also buy it online via the EndNote website for roughly $250-$300.) Buying EndNote software is not required to be able to use EndNote Web, which is free.
  • Getting EndNote Web: EndNote Web is a free cloud-based version of EndNote, available to the ISU community due to the Library's subscription to Web of Science. Simply visit the EndNote Web website and sign up for a free account using your ISU email address. (EndNote Web is sometimes called EndNote Basic.)
  • For more information on the differences between EndNote and EndNote Web / Basic, see the chart near the end of this Quick Reference Guide:

* Note: EndNote Web is being rebranded as EndNote Basic. However, the ISU Library still uses the name EndNote Web because that's the name you'll see in most indexes when you're collecting your references. In addition, some Thomson Reuters documentation still uses the name EndNote Web as well.

Anyone can set up an EndNote Basic account. However, when you sign up using your ISU email address, you automatically get more features added to your EndNote Basic account because of the Library's subscription to Thomson Reuters databases. This enhanced version of EndNote Basic is what we call EndNote Web. You do not need to purchase EndNote desktop software in order to use EndNote Web.

EndNote Web Support

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