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EndNote & EndNote Web

Getting started with EndNote and EndNote Web

Cite While You Write (CWYW)

The whole point of gathering references is to make use of them in your papers and research. Cite While You Write (CWYW) is a convenient way to write your paper in MS Word and extract your references / citations as you need them, placing them as inline citations within your paper and as footnotes / endnotes. It's so easy to do!

Note: If you haven't already installed the Word plug-in, please revisit Step 2 of the Getting Started page of this Guide.

Using EndNote Web:

  • Open MS Word and create or open your research paper or file. Newer versions of Word include an EndNote tab, typically on the top menu bar.
  • Click the EndNote tab and find the Preferences link. Click Preferences and then, in the pop-up window, click the Application tab and select EndNote Web. Click the OK button and you're ready. (You may be prompted to login (or re-login) to EndNote Web - do so.) You'll notice the Word EndNote tab and its links now read EndNote Web.
  • In Word, write your paper. When you're ready to insert a reference into your paper, place your cursor at the spot you want to insert the reference (citation), then click Word's EndNote Web tab. Click Insert Citations to search and insert the citation(s) you want. Just double click the citation(s), and you'll see them instantly inserted into your Word document.

The reference is also added as an end note, automatically creating or adding to your paper's reference list. (You can also single-click select your citation, then click the Insert button, whose drop-down menu gives you a few formatting options). Presto!


Using EndNote:

  • As described above for EndNote Web, open MS Word and create or open your research paper. Current versions of Word include an EndNote tab, so you are ready to go. For good measure, do check your EndNote Preferences in Word, as described below, by the double asterisk.**
  • When you're ready to insert a citation into your paper, make sure your cursor is at the spot in your text that you want to insert the citation, then click Word's EndNote tab from the top menu bar. Choose Insert Citation (icon at the extreme left of Word's EndNote top menu bar. This opens up a window for you to Find your reference. Enter the author's name or other unique word to find and select it. Use Control button on your keyboard to select multiple references. Your reference(s) will automatically be placed within your Word text and below as a footnote/endnote. Simple!

Alternatively, from EndNote, you can select reference(s) of interest, then click Tools from EndNote's top menu and select Cite While You Write, then Insert Selected Citation(s). Equally simple!

** Setting End Note Preferences in Word: In< b>Word, click the EndNote tab, and from there, click Preferences. In the pop-up window, click the Application tab and make sure EndNote is selected there. (Alternatively, if you wish to use EndNote Web instead, select it using these same steps.)


Note that you can also export citations from your Word documents into EndNote or EndNote Web if you used the native References feature in Word to create them. There are a lot of flexible tools available on Word's EndNote tab to support your research and writing needs - feel free to explore these!