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Visitors Guide to Research Resources

This guide is intended to alert campus visitors to research resources that are available to them from the ISU Libraries - both remotely and on-campus.

Feel free to use our computers or bring your own laptop!

Yes, Wi-Fi guest access is available! To access the Wi-Fi network, IASTATE-Guest, each guest is required to agree to the university’s acceptable use policy before being connected to the internet. Once connected, access is available for 24 hours. At the end of 24 hours, guests can request access again by agreeing to the terms and conditions for another 24 hours. 

Computer workstations are also available in a variety of locations in the Parks Library and branch facilities, including computer labs, book stacks, and study areas.

Most workstations are restricted and require a specialized login; however, we have a guest login available. When you come into the library, stop at the Main Desk and ask for guest login information. We happily give it out to anyone who asks. The guest login will only work inside the library, not remotely.

  • All computers provide access to the e-Library and Internet - feel free to surf
  • All are equipped with USB ports to accommodate flash drives
  • All have word processing available to make it handy to write papers as you locate information you need
  • Most computers are networked to nearby laser printers or photocopiers. Non-affiliated users can send print jobs to a photocopier for 20 cents a page but we recommend downloading materials to a personal flash drive instead of printing (to save money).
  • Some computers also provide specialized hardware/software features, and/or printing capabilities. See Software Available in the Library for more detailed information.

Your Librarian

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Lorrie Pellack
Head, Research & Instruction Services Dept.
150c Parks Library
Ames, IA 50011-2140
Phone: 515-294-5569