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ENGL 302: Business Communication

Course guide for English 302: Business Communication

Welcome to English 302

Welcome to the Library Guide  for English 302. This guide includes resources to assist you as you complete assignments for the class. The resources are arranged by topic and The course outcomes for the class are listed below.

Course Outcomes:


  • Apply rhetorical principles to genres common in business communication.

  • Implement principles of effective document design, including the display of quantitative and qualitative data in business communication.

  • Analyze and explain the influences of organizational settings in the composition of business and professional documents.

  • Identify unique conventions across disciplines, and explain and apply the specific conventions of your discipline.

  • Participate in the collaborative planning and executing of a project, and practice effective group communication skills.

  • Identify and explain how ethical issues influence research, presentation of source material, document design, and documentation practices in your discipline.

Navigation is done using the tabs to the left.. The tabs are arranged by broad topics, some of which you may use in more than one assignment during the semester.

What you will find in this guide

This guide will introduce you to the research process:

  • deciding on search terms
  • selecting a article database
  • searching for articles
  • evaluating your results
  • citing sources

It also includes links to article databases and other resources help you find information to complete your assignments.

For questions about:

  • how to complete an assignment, please contact your instructor.
  • finding library resources for your assignment, contact Jeff Kushkowski through the email or appointment links link in the Home tab.