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Ivy College of Business: Library Resources

Resources and information about using the University Library

Promoting Student Success

We all want our students to succeed. Below are tools to help you help your students.

Open Education Resources

Open Access Resources (ORE) are free teaching materials that can be revised and reused. They provide better student engagement, are equitable, and save money for students. The Iowa State University Library supports educators in identifying, using, customizing, creating, and publishing OER.

Learn more and get involved:

Business Case Access

Business Case Options

Business cases are an important tool for Ivy classes. We have two options for getting cases to your students:

Sage Business Cases

In Summer 2023, Iowa State subscribed to Sage Business Cases, an alternative to HBP. Te main advantages are:

  • No additional cost to students
  • No restrictions on use in Canvas
  • Content across business disciplines
  • Faculty can sign up for a personal account with access to teaching notes
  • Sage Business Cases

Harvard Business Publishing (HBP)

HBP is a leader in providing cases resources, they also publish the Harvard Business Review and LOTS of other educational materials. Here are some tips for efficiently getting Harvard material to your students:

  • Sign up for a free educator account - with the account you can:
    • Access to educator copies of HBS cases
    • Access to teaching supplements
    • Resources for teaching online
    • Access to webinars
  •  HBR articles and cases can be added to a course pack available to students at the ISU Bookstore.
  • Emma Hartman (, 515 294-0362.) in the ISU Bookstore can assist you with ordering course packs for your classes.

HBR Article Access

Harvard Business Review Articles

Harvard Business Publishing is very strict about academic use of their materials, including articles from Harvard Business Review. If you are using Harvard Business Review articles in your class you can give your students the citation to articles you want them to read. and they can go find them in Business Source Elite.

Watch this video about how to find citations to HBR articles and include them in your syllabus:

In your Syllabus, provide the link below for your students, and let them know that they can find HBR articles by going to the link below and using the "search in this publication" link to look for the article you want them to read.

Harvard Business Review

Course Reserve

The Library’s Course Reserve system makes digital and print materials available to students in your classes.

Course Reserve has features to save you time!

  • You submit a list of articles, chapters, print materials, our staff take care of the rest
  • They handle any copyright issues (permissions, etc.) for items you submit
  • Reserve lists can be reused from semester top semester
  • Get your requests in early! Items are placed on Reserve in the order received
  • For more info, contact

Library Resources in Canvas courses

With the amount of content in your courses, it is difficult t for your class. An alternative to an in-person session on library resources is  adding the ISU Library Resources tab to your Canvas courses.

Your students will get access material relevant for their class, a curated article database list, and contact information for a subject specialist.

Detailed instructions for adding the “ISU Library Resources” tab can be found here.  This is the short version of the instructions:

  • Go to your Canvas course
  • To add this page on your course menu, click Settings and select the Navigation tab.
  • From the list find ISU Library Resources and click to Enable it.
  • Click Save and you are done!
  • Questions? Contact Jeff Kushkowski

Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT)

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is a great source for teaching-related materials.

Questions about how CELT can help you? Contact them!

2624 Howe Hall
537 Bissell Rd.
Ames, IA 50011-1096
515-294-5357 (phone)