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FS HN 554/555/556: Dietetic Internship

Guide with links to resources for those participating in the ISU Dietetics Internship program.


Search Tips

Use "and", "or" to link concepts:

  • (chocolate OR cacao) AND (health OR nutrition)

Use quotation marks if searching for an exact phrase:

  • licorice AND "blood pressure"

Truncate search terms if appropriate. Adding an * at the end of a word will search for alternate word endings. For example, clon* will retrieve cloning, clone, clones, clonal.

The ISU Library provides access to almost 500 article databases. For Dietetics, we recommend PubMed and Google Scholar. If you are not finding articles on your topic using these databases, use the "Article Indexes and Databases" link at the bottom of the page.

For PubMed, before clicking on the database name below, login to your ISU Library account using My Library Card. Once you have done this, it will recognize you as a valid ISU user and enable the full-text links for articles...until you close your browser window.

Note that terminology for ISU Library syncing with Google Scholar search results has changed from "GetIt@ISU" to "ViewIt@ISU".


Off-campus access to ISU Library resources requires logging in with your Net-ID and ISU email password. To make this process easier, we recommend you log in to My Library Card on the library home page and it will remember you as a valid ISU user until you close your Internet browser.

     Get it @ ISU

Any time you see EITHER of the above logos – click on it and it will help connect you to electronic full-text, or see if we have the paper version of the journal in the library. It will also supply you with a seamless link to requesting journal articles through Interlibrary Loan.

Your Librarian

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Lorrie Pellack
Librarian for FSHN & AgEdS;
Head of Research Services Dept.
150 Parks Library
Ames, IA 50011-2140
Phone: 515-294-5569