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Research Methodologies Guide

A collection of resources describing research methods in the social sciences and the humanities

Quasi-Experimental Design

Quasi-Experimental Design is a unique research methodology because it is characterized by what is lacks. For example, Abraham & MacDonald (2011) state:

"Quasi-experimental research is similar to experimental research in that there is manipulation of an independent variable. It differs from experimental research because either there is no control group, no random selection, no random assignment, and/or no active manipulation."

This type of research is often performed in cases where a control group cannot be created or random selection cannot be performed. This is often the case in certain medical and psychological studies. 

For more information on quasi-experimental design, review the resources below: 

Where to Start

Below are listed a few tools and online guides that can help you start your Quasi-experimental research. These include free online resources and resources available only through ISU Library.

Online Resources