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Digital Scholarship Research Guide


Welcome to the world of Digital Scholarship. It is vast, it is plenty, and sometimes entirely overwhelming.

If you are new to the concept of Digital Scholarship, this guide will help ground the work of digital scholarship and place it in context with different disciplinary approaches, methodologies and toolkits that should help get you started.

For those returning to Digital Scholarship (or Digital Humanities), this guide gives you the local context for Iowa State Digital Scholarship and the framework we apply here.


Our Definition of Digital Scholarship:

Digital Scholarship encompasses the use of computers in humanities scholarship, human-computer interaction, and the processes used to conduct research and visualization. It is the consideration of the digital product of our research, and the steps that were necessarily digital to archive the research output that otherwise would not have been possible without the aid of computational methods.

It is the creation of digital spaces/objects in which people interact with concepts and data in ways that are impossible in analog.

And it encompasses the notion of broad dissemination and public engagement that make for a much richer, broader, more diverse understanding of the our reach enabled by the digital platform and the web.

It is not simply...

  • My research with a website
  • “The use of computers in scholarship”
  • The use of Microsoft Word to write your paper


Head of Digital Scholarship and Initiatives

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Olivia Wikle
The Catalyst / 204 Parks Library