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Digital Scholarship Research Guide

Getting Started with MediaWiki

As this guide shows, there are a wide variety of options for creating online exhibits, and which is chosen will depend on the project’s needs and goals. MediaWiki is one of these options, and was chosen as an example from a variety of applications which the library subscribes to. It is a wiki-based application which can be used to create online exhibits quickly and fairly easily. To get access to MediaWiki (as well as Omeka, Scalar, WordPress, and Drupal from the list above), or any other online application, contact DSI.

Once signed onto the site with individual credentials, the exhibit can be immediately built. Using MediaWiki is like any wiki-based creation tool such as Wikipedia, and having any experience with editing on those other wiki platforms will be very similar. The following is a brief walk-through of how to set up a project in MediaWiki.

When starting a new project, a page will open that allows the naming of the project.  

The User Help page (sometimes labeled “Help with MediaWiki”) is an excellent place to start.

Click on “Starting a new page.” This is a guide that explains how to setup pages in a project along with formatting, creation of links, and how to use the URL.

MediaWiki is a tree-based model application. This means each page can branch out to other pages. The Content list doubles as a navigation and layout guide and works much like an outline.

Each number is a section on the same page; clicking on one will jump to that section. The indented numbers under “List of Plants” go to separate pages.

As indicated, Contents can be hidden. It is fine to utilize that feature on short pages with no pages that branch to other pages. However, longer pages and pages with sections that have additional pages should show the Contents for easier navigation.

Clicking on Black Eyed Susan goes to the page listed below.

Notice how Content again lists the sections. As indicated by the picture of the plant in the upper righthand corner, images can be inserted through the pages built in MediaWiki.

Contact DSI for further guidance on creation and implementation of online exhibits, presentations, and creating webpages, using MediaWiki or other applications.