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Mechanical Engineering Research Guide

For both new and experienced library visitors: learn about library services and the resources available to faculty, staff, and students in Mechanical Engineering.

Finding books in the library

If you've already taken Lib 160, most of this information should look familiar. But in case you need a refresher or you haven't taken Lib 160 yet, here are some tips for finding books in Parks Library.

Going from a record to a book

Once you've identified an item you want to use, there are a few steps to follow to get your hands on it.

  1. Check the item's status to make sure it's available. (If it's checked out, you can sign in and request it.)
  2. Verify which collection the item is in – this tells you where in Parks (or out of Parks) you'll find the item.
  3. Make note of the item's call number. You'll need this to find it on the shelf.
  4. Click Map It to view a map of where the item is in the building.

Then just go to the indicated floor (or tier) and find your book or other item on the shelf. In the Library's General Collection items are arranged using call numbers. Just follow the signs on the shelves until you find the range that includes your item's call number, then skim the shelves in that row until you arrive at the one you want.

Call numbers group items by broad topic, so it may be worth taking time to look over other items shelved near the one you were first interested in. There may be other relevant books nearby!

Request books

If you don't need the book right this instant, the easiest way to find books in Parks Library is to request them! You can now request that books be pulled from the shelf and held for you at Parks Library, the Vet Med Library, or the Design Reading Room.

How do I place a request?

  • Search Quick Search for the item you want
  • Click on the Sign in link in the yellow bar (appearing above search results)
  • Select one Sign in option and enter the requested information
  • Click on the title of the item you want delivered
  • Click Request, complete any other information as appropriate, and click Submit

Information on when and where to pick up your book(s), along with some frequently asked questions, can be found at the following link: