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Mechanical Engineering Research Guide

For both new and experienced library visitors: learn about library services and the resources available to faculty, staff, and students in Mechanical Engineering.

Where to find information

There is a lot of information out there... Not only does it take a lot of time to develop a well constructed, comprehensive search on a topic, there are often barriers to access once an information source is identified. That's where the library comes in.

Explore the following pages to learn about what resources are available for research in this area:

The resources linked here connect with the library's subscriptions and collections, allowing ISU affiliates to access without fees. They also contain advanced search features that are absent from tools like web search engines, which enable you to quickly limit your results only to items of interest rather than leaving you with thousands or millions to sift through.

Familiarizing yourself with the resources in this portion of the guide will help you develop more comprehensive, thorough literature searches and avoid running afoul of paywalls, ensuring that you can get the information you need. Working with a librarian can also save a lot of time developing search strategies and managing references, giving you more time to spend on reading, analysis, and application.