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Martial Arts & Tai Chi

best databases

If you are wanting to be sure that you search the entire literature, I would use both of the below databases. If you are really wanting to use only one, I would go with Physical Education Index primarily as this will yield more results than would PubMed on these types of topics. Pubmed's focus is more on biochemical and medical sciences, so you will get results in that database but Physical Education Index should be more along the lines of what you are wanting for results. 

some other books I like

Keywords to use when searching databases for literature on the Martial Arts. 

Martial Arts is the top level keyword. Searching this topic is generally pretty simple. You should use the overarching term as well as any more specific terms for the particular martial arts style IF you know that you are wanting to restrict your literature results to that field, e.g. tae kwon do I would search:


"martial arts" AND "tae kwon do" 


or maybe


"martial arts" AND Judo




Why do I have quotation marks? Because when you search (most) databases, this strategy of using quotation marks means that you want to search that exact phrase. In the above example, if you were to search for martial arts without the quotation marks, that means you are telling the database to search for both words martial and the word arts, and to show you the results of all articles that have both of those words. However, by using quotation marks, you are telling the database to search for the phrase martial arts. This is a powerful technique for searching when you are using a common phrase such as is the case here. Other examples of phrases to search using quotation marks might be "self defense", "physical therapy", "higher education", and "tai chi".

recent articles on health/wellness and martial arts from PubMed

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A few scholarly e-books on martial arts

Here is a link to a basic search in our catalog looking for e-books that we have access to. After selecting the link, use the facets on the right side of the page to focus your results to, for example, restricted publication date(s), major topic areas, or classification areas.

e-books on martial arts, click here to see our catalog with results

The link above is for e-books only. We also have a print selection. To see the books that we have available in print on (in general) martial arts, click here!

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