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Martial Arts & Tai Chi

locations in Parks Library for Browsing


If you want to browse what we have available in print, self-defense books can be found on Floor 2 of Parks Library:

These are the most popular topics, but by no means is this an exhaustive list for what we have available in Parks Library

Self-defense for women 1111.5
Self-defense for children 1111.4
Karate 1114.25
Aikido 1114.35
Tae Kwon Do 1114.9


Self Defense

local courses

There seem to be limited opportunities in Ames for self defense courses. Occassionally the Ames Parks and Recreation offers a course. Although I have housed "self defense" in the Martial Arts libguide, they are 2 separate topics. If you are strictly interested in self defense, then a specific style of martial arts course will not be what you are looking for. e.g., if you are looking to be able to defend yourself and that alone, a class in tae kwon do wouldn't likely be the best route. However, if you are genuintely interested in a martial art, I in no way would want to discourage your participation. I put this here because martial arts classes are popular from the Ames Parks and Recreation Department, but am putting this here so that it is understood that these differ from self defense courses (which they may also teach simultaneously). Here is a link to their current course schedules:

Occassionally police departments have been known to teach courses on basic self-defense. At the time of the writing of this guide the Ames Police Department is not offering any course. However, here is a link to their "programs" page. They could change this in the future so it could be worth a look if you are interested in finding local courses: