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Martial Arts & Tai Chi

This research guide was made to assist people researching various topics having to do with the martial arts. That being said, if you came to this guide hoping to find "kung fu" movies, well, I want to help you too! So here you go, here is a little bit of information on Kung Fu movies... unfortunatley we have a very small selection at Parks. However, you can always do an interlibrary loan, yes even for these types of movies. It's okay, I won't tell anyone. 

However, for a slightly deeper selection, I encourage you to "check out" (librarian humor for ya) Ames Public Library as they tend to have more popular resources than the academic library at ISU.

Ames Public Library:

Kigali Shaolin Temple is a kung-fu club in Rwanda started by a group of orphans from the genocide. They find fulfillment in passing on their skills and teaching young Rwandans the values of sharing, tolerance and mutual respect. The visual beauty of kung-fu highlights the resilience of a new generation of Rwandans, 20 years after the genocide.

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Available Kung Fu Fiction Movies at Parks Library

Fists of the White Lotus, AKA Clan of the White Lotus. My personal favorite classic kung fu movie. This is NOT available from Parks Library