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Library Communications

This guide is an overview of communications tools, resources and policies for the University Library. News. Events. Social Media. Publications. Press Releases.


Our workshop communications support process is designed to help facilitators get key information out to their audiences as efficiently as possible. Library divisions have their own processes and expectations for workshops, and the role of the Communications team (for workshops) is to provide communications support only. Note: Workshops are separate from public-facing events and do not go through the same process.

Division contacts:
Megan O'Donnell, Collections & Technical Services/ Scholarly Comm.
Kris Stacy-Bates, Research and Instruction Services/Curation Services
Process overview  
Each semester, staff who are hosting workshops must upload their supervisor-approved information to the Workshop Communications Request Form by the deadlines below. Since each division has its own approval process for workshops, it is the responsibility of the workshop facilitator to honor that process before uploading their information.
• Summer 2024: May 10, 2024
• Fall 2024: July 12, 2024
• Spring 2024: December 1, 2023

At least a week prior to the start of the semester, the Communications Team will provide the following support:

  • Create an event in LibCal, set up registration, and share link in the News, Event, and Workshops section of our homepage. Note: Through LibCal, the Communications team and workshop facilitators can receive registration notifications and cancellations, establish waiting lists, send reminders to participants, integrate with Zoom if needed, etc. Communications will use details in the form to create the event in LibCal and ensure the link is live; however, the workshop facilitator will manage registration cancellations, etc. for their workshop. If you do not have a LibCal account, contact IT Director Lisa Smith to create one.  
  • Schedule social media posts and create Facebook events.
  • Create individual workshop graphics that include title, time, date, location, short description, registration link, and a headshot.  
  • Include workshops in the Your Library event section.
  • Notify University Relations of event dates for placement on the university calendar.
  • Send content and links to University Relations for inclusion in Inside Iowa State.
  • Schedule individual workshop graphics for digital displays in Bookends.  
  • Create a graphic featuring a comprehensive list of all workshops for the semester for use on social media and digital displays.
  • Post-workshop list graphic to the campus digital sign repository and CyBox workshop process folder for distribution by facilitators.
  • Print posters/flyers of individual workshop graphics to be disseminated across campus via Memorial Union Marketing services per the plan of the workshop facilitator. Facilitators must let the Communications Team know if posters are desired an event.

 Final versions of all communications materials, links, etc. will be made available to the workshop facilitator via the Workshop Submissions folder.