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Library Communications

This guide is an overview of communications tools, resources and policies for the University Library. News. Events. Social Media. Publications. Press Releases.

Event Process

The communications team supports library staff's event ideas. We want to promote your expertise and to help you meet your goals.  

In this case, EVENTS are programs (not workshops or classes) geared for an audience beyond library staff. Extrenal events can be in-person, virtual or hybrid.  Use this event process for library-initiated, public-facing events so that the communications team can help you promote your event as fully as possible. (If you aren't sure if your idea fits this process, see OUTSIDE EVENTS at Parks Library, below.)

A few examples of EVENTs

  • A SCUA exhibition opening reception in the Rotunda or on the 4th floor

  • A movie or panel discussion in room 198

  • A presentation at the Memorial Union 

  • A lecture at the Ames Public Library 

  • A pizza party in The Nest

External Event Process

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Email Susan Gent to review these steps and timelines, discuss opportunities and to maximize your event process.

Event Timeline

There are a range of publicity options available for events. The more complex the event, the more lead time is needed for everyone involved - from you as the planner, and the communications team. Ideally, 2-3 month advance notice allows our team to best help you market and execute your event. 

New partnerships, off-site, first time or complex events may require even time to coordinate and publicize. 

1. Idea

Once you have your supervisor's approval to proceed, and you've narrowed down some of your ideas, fill out and submit the Event Idea word doc. We can talk about possible locations, partnerships, and lots of details once you

  • Clarify your audience
  • Explain your message
  • Define you purpose

Please use one submission for recurring monthly events each semester (i.e. Fall 2023 International Nest Night) or a week’s worth of events around a single theme (i.e. Open Access Week). [Then there we only have one planning document and the graphics, publicity and calendar are prepped for the semester at the same time!]

After you submit your idea, Susan will schedule a time to discuss details.

2. Plan

Planning event details: we'll review the who, what, where, when and why of your project. Susan will guide you through the steps to finalize your event including room reservations, equipment rentals and catering concerns.

This word document lists answers and links to common event questions that you might need to employ for your event.

  1. Room Reservations
  2. Technology
  3. Food
  4. Accessibility
  5. Partnerships
  6. Event Authorization

3. Marketing: Publicize and Promote

Communications support might include

  • University Library calendar event, university calendar event
  • Inclusion in Your Library* and select publications and newsletters 
  • graphics
    • social media: FB, X
    • digital graphics: for digital displays and to print as posters
  • event equipment: branded table covering, signs, departmental one-pagers, swag, etc

The final communications plan will summarize graphics deliverables, publication dates and deatlines. Check out this word document that lists marketing support options and this excel spreadsheet full of graphics and social media details.

The comm team recommends submitting a Your Library (YL) article for events whenever possible.

  • YL reaches over 30,000 campus contacts (students, staff & faculty) with a 46% open rate
  • publishes monthly, except for June & July



Your Library submissions are due by 5pm on the first of the month

It publishes the 2nd Wednesday of the same month.


Since the YL publication date changes from month to month, check the calendar and submit a month early when necessary.  (i.e. If event is April 12 and YL publishes on April 13, then March is the month to submit.)

New to Your Library? View this folder with Your Library submission information. Check out a sample Your Library edition at this link.

4. Complete Event

With departmental colleagues, university partners and community supporters hold, host or lead your event, utilizing the best practices in this document.

5. Follow Up

Filling in a word document to evaluate your event soon after it occurs, helps you plan for future events, colleagues replicate event details, and everyone fine tune new or innovative event details.

  • Jot down what went well, how many people attended, ideas for next time and identifies which objectives were met.
  • Freshen up mailling lists and follow up with correspondance that came up during the event, if applicable.
  • Upload surveys or feedback, and registration/attendance type informaiton.
  • Share photos of your event in action!

Event Processes and Resources

Explore this word document for more event planning information and resources.

Other Events at Parks Library

For co-sponsored events where another ISU department is taking the lead, even if the event is happening within Parks, visit the Library Co-sponsorships and Partners tab for how to proceed.

The University Library does not fund, sponsor, organize nor publicize student organizations' events.  If a student organization reserves a library space, that is not the same as event sponsorship or partnership.  Students might work with staff (i.e. International Nest) to identify an appropriate space without their event being sponsored by the library.  Helpful student links to the library webiste include can be found at Classroom Usage Policy |  Overhang Usage.