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Parks Library Dance Resources

Do you have a book purchase suggestion? Please tell me! I love to get book suggestions for our dance collections and/or suggested collection strategies for this topic. - Anita

Dance Biographies

Biographies of dancers can best be found by searching our catalog using advanced search. Searching specifically for "dance biography" and using the drop down menu for "subject" should yield all of the biographies that we have access to on dancers. If no other changes are made to the search, this could possibly result in e-books, but approximately 70% of our collection on this topic is print books.

If this selection is not big enough, you can change the radio button from "ISU Library" to "Partner Libraries" (Partner Libraries are other academic libraries within Iowa). In addition, we have interlibrary loan available, which enables you to get practically any book published.

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Dance Choreography

Dance Choreography books can be found very similarly to the biographies, except changing the term "biography" with "choreography", again using the subject drop down as your option.


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